What’s Inside Is Coming Out

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The ancient real life character at the center of the greatest disaster in human history had an inner faith in God that led to an outer obedience. The Bible is clear about the order of transformation in Noah’s life. It began with God’s initiation of grace. This has always been true of God and always will be…..He is the initiator of grace. Noah wasn’t saved because he was a good man. He wasn’t saved because he was so much better than the rest of the wicked people of his day. No, he was wicked just like them. Noah needed grace from a holy God and he got it. The Bible simply says in Genesis 6 that “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord”. This is stunning truth. Noah wasn’t good or righteous first. He found grace first, which was initiated by a good and righteous God.

The text then teaches us that following the connection of God’s grace and Noah’s faith that Noah began to be considered righteous by God. This is because by faith Noah had believed in God for his salvation, a belief that was ultimately in what Christ was going to do in the future. God declared Noah free of guilt and righteous. This is the stunning power of the Gospel. Bad people declared good by a Holy God who is full of mercy and grace.

What happens next in Noah’s life is interesting and relevant for us. He was “blameless” among the people of his day. Again, this blamelessness did not earn him a ticket onto the Ark. Noah became blameless as a result of the transformation in his life after he placed his faith in the work of God. In other words, Noah had an inner change that led to an outer change. The transformation IN Noah began to renovate the OUTER life of Noah. What was inside was coming out!

This is a truth for modern believers to grab on to completely. If you have an authentic internal regeneration experience with God it will begin to show in your words, actions, and life. Like a sponge that when squeezed shows what it holds within, you and I will show in our outer life what’s really happening in our hearts. Noah certainly had a heart changing experience with God, but it didn’t stay inside. His faith led him to a radical life of obedience that paved the way to the building of one of the most massive water flotation vessels in history.

Jesus said in Mark 12:30-31 to love the Lord with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. There is the order.  It was true for Noah and it’s true for us. Our inner life will determine our outer life, and our outer life is the evidence of our inner life. What does your outer life indicate about your heart? Are your actions and words being guided by the changes in the deepest part of you? May it be so.

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