The Dirty Dozen

2000 years ago, Jesus took a long walk up a mountain and prayed intensely all night long.   What was the purpose of this all night prayer event?   The next day He would begin calling His men.   If you’ve been around church for long at all you know these men as the twelve, the apostles, and as the disciples.   Most people who have no connection to church at all still have some knowledge of this motley crew of common men that changed the world.   Their fame exploded from the fishing villages they came from to the globe they now affect.   Their story is nothing short of amazing.

This weekend we are kicking off our Summer 2013 sermon series at COTES called The Dirty Dozen.   We will spend the summer exploring the story, lives, and transformation of the disciples.   If you don’t think they we’re dirty, then you just don’t know the whole story.   These were real men with real issues.   They wrestled with fear, pride, confusion, and doubt.   They had moments of great victory and then moments of equal failure.   They often made Jesus smile and often broke His heart.

Jesus didn’t choose religious leaders and society brokers to be on His team.   He chose normal guys.   The disciples were ordinary men in the hands of an extraordinary God.   They were common men with an uncommon calling.   This summer we will explore how Jesus transformed these men in a short 3 year time of training, development, and community.   My hope is that you will see yourself in these men.   Whether you’re a single mom who is new to the faith or a father of 5 in the pinnacle of your career, you will relate to the apostles.   Their story will give you hope and inspiration for your story.   Their struggles will remind you of your humanity.   Their stunning victories will remind you of God’s power.   And their relationship with Jesus will show you that you really can know and serve the One True God.

So, I invite you to join us this Summer.   This is a series that you can pop into at anytime and not miss a beat.   Each week will stand on it’s own.   I do encourage you to watch online on weeks you can’t attend a campus.   You don’t want to miss a week of this great series.

Also, please invite your friends.   We have invite cards at our Fairhope campus kiosks, posters available in our office to hang up around town, and Facebook events (click here) that you can use online to invite friends and family.  People far from God can see Jesus in an intimate and powerful way through the lens of the lives of the disciples.   I pray that this will be a life changing summer at our church.   I hope we all see that great things can happen when ordinary people are in the hands of an extraordinary God!!

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