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The greatest speech that has ever been given is the King’s Speech, the Sermon on the Mount. Given across several chapters in the Biblical book of Matthew, this sermon introduces all disciples of Jesus to a new and radical way of living life. Although it has been over 2 thousand years since these words were spoken, they still pack a powerful transformative punch for those willing to read, learn, an obey.

Historically, there have been many great speeches given by men and women throughout the ages. What makes the sermon on the mount different? What makes it the greatest? First, while other speeches offered inspirational and instructive words, Jesus words were the very words of life. His words were not merely powerful, instead they were transcendent. The sermon on the mount is so against the grain of human nature that no normal, sinful man could’ve spoken it. The teachings of the King’s Speech were simply otherworldly.

Secondly, all other speeches have been given by sinful, fallen men and women. While many were good people, none were perfect. Jesus alone stands as the only one to fully live up to the inspirational ideals He espoused in His speech. Jesus was fully man and fully God. Because of WHO He was, the speech stands alone.

I want to encourage you to read the Sermon on the Mount. It is found in Matthew chapters 5-7. At 3Circle Church, we are spending 8 weeks unpacking these powerful words in our weekend services. We have committed ourselves to truly allow this teaching to change us. The King’s Speech was not given to simply be learned or heard, but rather lived!  We seek not to only hear the word, but to do it! If you read this sermon and refuse to live it, you have completely missed the point. It is only when we live these words of Jesus that the true transformation is complete.

In giving the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus introduces us to a model for teaching that we seek to mimic at our church. Jesus taught the sermon primarily to disciples while being aware and intentional with the fact that a huge crowd of possible nonbelievers were listening as well. Jesus taught in a way that His followers would grow while the lost would be compelled to believe in Him by faith. We find throughout the Gospels that this happened. People would go from death to life while listening to the powerful words of Jesus.

It is my prayer as you read this great sermon, that you will grow if you already know and follow Christ. If you don’t believe in Him, I pray His words will draw you in. Keep checking this blog for continued insights as we walk through the King’s Speech as a church. There have been many great speeches, but only one changed the world!

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