I am blessed to live in a beautiful place. When most people think of Alabama, they don’t realize that it includes over 30 miles of beautiful Gulf Coast beaches and one of the most exotic ecosystems in America, the Mobile Bay and Delta. I can drive 20 minutes south of my home and paddle surf or 20 minutes north of my house and hunt for dove and deer. My wife and I have Friday morning date walks on the bluffs overlooking the bay just 5 minutes from my front door. I say all of this to tell you that I also happen to believe all of this stunning beauty I’m describing was created…by someone. Now, before you write me off as another crazy Bible thumping nut, let me point out that I am by no means alone in my conclusion. Many well know scientists and astronomers call it intelligent design. The world and the universe look like they were intentionally made. I would agree, and I’d say they look like they were created because they absolutely were created.


The first name for God we find in the Scripture is Elohim. This name is in the book of Genesis. It is a beautiful name and it packs great meaning. Elohim is the strong creator God. The name is a description of the God I believe in with all of my heart and life. The Bible also reveals that God created everything we see and know out on nothing. The term for this is Ex Nihilo. My kids love building things with legos, and they can be pretty creative, but they don’t ex nihilo. They need raw materials to build with, as do all humans. Man has never created anything out of nothing. Only Elohim has this kind of power.


I’m so thankful Elohim is powerful and creative. I enjoy creation. I love the outdoors, and I love raising kids to enjoy it as well. I want you to know that God created this universe for His glory but also for our enjoyment. Science is telling us now that just getting outside for a bit can have huge physical and mental benefits. This creation is really good! I hope that wherever you live, whether it’s a booming metropolis or a lake in the mountains, you will enjoy God’s creation and admire His work. Don’t worship the creation, but certainly appreciate it. The next time you feel a gentle breeze or hear a rolling thunder, think of Elohim. When the sun warms your face and the sound of crickets chirping dances in your ears, give thanks to Him. He is the creator. He is Elohim. He created the world. He also created…you.

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