Cynicism And Criticism


I’ve always been a fan of intelligent, quick, and tasteful humor. I grew up watching Saturday Night Live when guys like Adam Sandler and Chris Farley roamed its famed stage. While shows like this can be very funny and often offer unique perspectives on current events, the results can be dangerous. I really believe our culture has created several generations of people who find it hard to take anything seriously. We have increasingly become a culture of cynics.

The problem with unhealthy cynicism is that it can lead to an empty life. Cynicism can make you criticize everything and embrace nothing. Unfortunately this has quickly become the state of my generation and those behind me. Sincerity is an assumed mirage in the desert of our fake and artificial culture. Leaders of all stripes are automatically distrusted and considered dishonest and shallow. When something looks great there must be something wrong behind the curtain. This has developed an atmosphere of general dissatisfaction in many of our lives. If we don’t embrace anything, then we’re not fully committed to anything, which leads to life far below the standard I believe we were created to experience.

Cynicism and criticism often are two unruly brothers that like to run together. The cynic will most often voice his issues in biting criticism. Now, let me be clear: cynicism and criticism are not always bad. We should not be naïve or careless. The important question to ask is whether you are someone who offers healthy and constructive criticism or have you become a critic.

Do you find something wrong with everything? Do you always look for the negative instead of the positive? Do you offer as much praise and affirmation as you do criticism? These are important things that could help you decide if you’ve crossed that line. Cynicism can be dangerous, and we really need to guard against allowing it to become what we are all about. If you find something wrong with everything, the problem might be looking back at you in the mirror.

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