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worship Worship, and in particular
worship involving the creative arts, has been a huge part of my
life since my childhood. I grew up in an extremely musical and
creative church. I had a grandmother who was a pianist and oil
paint artist, and a grandfather who played guitar and mandolin. I
spent my Sunday mornings listening to who I thought were the
greatest singers and musicians in the world play and sing their
hearts out to God. It was powerful and inspiring. It completely
captured my young mind and heart. Unfortunately, worship has been a
point of contention in many churches and Christian circles. Many
have gone so far as to describe this tension as the “worship wars”.
What style of music is acceptable? What style of music is best? How
loud should it be? These are just a few examples of questions that
have turned in to battlegrounds between people who all claim to
love and serve Jesus. So, who is right? What kind of worship does
God desire from us? The answer to this important question is found
in John chapter 4. Jesus and men are walking through Samaria
when He sends them away to get supplies. He then goes to a well
where He meets a Samaritan woman. He surprisingly asks the woman
for a drink of water. This is surprising because she was a woman, a
Samaritan, and Jesus being a Jewish Rabbi would typically have not
even acknowledged her. But, of course, Jesus was no ordinary Jewish
Rabbi. He strikes up a conversation with her, and she asks Him a
“worship” question. She wants to know who is right between the Jews
and the Samaritans about where to worship God. The Jews worshipped
in the temple, and the Samaritans on a mountain. It was an ancient
worship war! Jesus’ answer to her question is in my opinion the
quintessential teaching on worship in all of scripture. Jesus tells
the lady that the time had come that it wouldn’t matter WHERE you
worshipped, but rather HOW you worshipped. In describing the “how,”
He never mentioned musical style, volume, or length even once. He
went, as usual, straight to the heart. He said that true
worshippers would worship Him in spirit and truth. This means that
to worship God fully, our worship must involve ALL of WHO we are.
That means our emotions and our intellect. Our bodies and our
minds. Our words and our hearts. We must have deep affection for
God that is born out of deep knowledge of Him. So, the worship wars
can stop. Unless, of course, you just really enjoy griping and
arguing over things that have already been settled. On any given
Sunday, people all over the world will worship God under the banner
of Jesus in a huge variety of styles, volumes, and length. The
Scriptures teach clearly that when those many varieties of worship
are offered from truth and spirit, they will please God and bring
Him glory. So find a Bible believing, God exalting church that
worships in a style that you relate well to, and call it home. Plug
in, worship your heart out, and be thankful that God is

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