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Cruise Ships And Marriage


This week the news, both local and national, was taken over by a broken down Carnival cruise ship and the plight of the thousands of helpless people on the boat.  After assessing the situation, Carnival and the Coast Guard decided to pull the massive ship across the gulf via tug boats to our very own Mobile Bay.

As the powerless boat inched across the Gulf, the situation onboard deteriorated rapidly.  People couldn’t breathe due to muggy heat and the horrific smell of sewage, bad food, and water.  People we’re pulling their mattresses onto the open deck to sleep in a breeze and some semi clear air.  No bathrooms, little food, and people getting sick by the minute.  To put it mildly, this was a horrible situation and a very public failure by a major cruise line.  The most stunning part of the story however is that their were many warning signs that this boat was ripe for a disaster and nothing was done.

You see, Carnival has admitted they knew the boat had been having major mechanical issues for months.  Yet nothing was done.  The warnings were not heeded.  People suffered because of a lack of attention given to a very important issue…..SAFETY.  I have found through almost 13 years of marriage and counseling many couples that marriage is very much like a cruise ship.  I’ve never seen a marriage that was destroyed without warning signals ahead of time.  I’ve also never seen a marriage destroyed that didn’t suffer from a lack of attention.

We date our spouses pre-marriage passionately and attentively but often after a few years of marriage the attention goes down fast.  We stop honoring each other and serving each other.  The warning signs are often very small and seemingly insignificant, but over time they can become lethal.  After time the lack of attention can lead to a disaster, like an engine fire on a cruise ship.

Great marriages do not just happen.  Great marriages take work, effort, and attention.  That’s why at our church, COTES, we’ve launched a ministry called True Marriage to help couples give their marriages the attention they need.  God created marriage as a means to make us HOLY first, but also to bring great joy and meaning to our lives.  No one wants you to have a great and healthy marriage more than your Heavenly Father.  But you must choose to do the hard work that it takes to keep your marriage floating safely on the seas of life.

Sadly, we often put more effort into our workout plans, our careers, or even our hobbies than our own marriages.  If you’re spending more time on your golf game or your wardrobe than you are on the connection in your marriage there’s a big problem.  Don’t let your marriage suffer from a lack of attention and wait till your stranded in the middle of an ocean of hardship to decide to try to make it work.  Decide now!!  Love your spouse!!  Serve and honor your spouse!!  Pray and worship with your spouse!!

We have a great event coming at COTES called True Marriage LIVE on March 1st.  It’s a night where you can let some people speak into your marriage.  If you live in the area, get a ticket and come.  Remember, God wants you to have a great marriage…..but it will NOT just happen!!

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