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Why Theology And Doctrine Matter


This weekend we will begin a teaching series at COTES called TRINITY.  This will be an extremely theological and doctrinally intense series.  To be clear, every sermon series at our church is both theological and doctrinal, but this series will zero in on one of the major Christian doctrines in particular.  We will spend 4 weeks studying and communicating about the Trinity, our Triune God.  I’m hoping that God will do great things in the life of our church through this series.

So, why would we spend a month intensely studying one doctrine.  And, for that matter, why does doctrine and theology matter that much anyway?  Shouldn’t we just love each other?  Isn’t it good enough that we attend church and serve from time to time?  Well, while as a pastor I certainly desire to see our church be loving and I encourage both church attendance and service, we must also pursue what A.W. Tozer called the “knowledge of the Holy.”

Our aim at COTES is to be a feeling, thinking, and doing church.  I believe as we THINK more about who God is, we will FEEL more deep affection for Him, and in turn we will DO more good works for His glory.  The TRINITY series should start in the mind and heart and end up working out through our hands and lives.

As a 35 year old christian, I have watched some very positive things happen in the church over the past few decades.  My generation has become extremely missional and socially and culturally sensitive in a way that has built bridges and opened doors for the Gospel.  However, I do think many of my generation and the church in general have developed a mild disdain for the intellectual side of Christianity.  This is regrettable, because the scriptures clearly teach us to “love God with all our mind”.  Knowledge is not a bad thing.  In fact, the knowledge of God is transforming and foundational to the believer.  We must develop a deep desire to truly KNOW our God.

So, this weekend I will dive into the mysterious and wonderful deep waters of the Trinity.  I will do so with great humility and healthy fear.  I do so as one leading a group of finite people up an infinite mountain which we will not summit until we meet Jesus and we finally see completely and clearly.  We will worship Him and approach Him in all His splendor and majesty.  We will see what He has revealed about Himself in His Word.  My prayer is that we will never be the same.  Theology and doctrine matters because it is our study and belief in the One True God.

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