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God made your mind and He wants you to love Him with it.  One of the major distinguishing characteristics that separates us from the rest of creation is our intellect.  The human mind is an amazing work of God’s creative power. Sadly, this seems to be one of the most ignored aspects of our love for God.  Mark 12:30 records Jesus telling to love God with our heart, soul, MIND and strength.  To love Him completely your mind must be involved.

​The problem is that over the past couple of decades it seems a strong wind of anti-intellectualism has blown into the church world.  The “experience God” movement , while positive in many ways, shoved the pursuit of the knowledge of God to the background.  This is detrimental because God wants us to know Him and know about Him!!  The more you know God the more you’ll love God.

​Knowledge and intellect have gotten a bit of a bad wrap because there’s no doubt that it can lead to arrogance and pride.  We’ve all seen the  brand new theologian armed with a specific theological system become puffed up in a way that both annoys and harms.  We shouldn’t allow this to deter us from seeking to know God on an intellectual level.  Knowledge can puff up, but it does not have to puff up.  ​

​The Apostle Paul made it clear that if your knowledge leads you to pride then you don’t know what you think you know.  Knowledge of God should never lead us to be prideful, but instead to deep humility.  Allowing your knowledge of God to lead you to pride is like a mountain climber getting 50 feet up the face of Mt. Everest and beginning to brag about it.  It’s crazy!!  He still has so far to go.  You and I could learn something new and deep about God everyday for the rest of our lives and still be scratching the surface of God’s greatness.

​We need to love Him with our MIND.  To do this, we need to start with the truth, God’s Word.  The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to us.  God specially revealed Himself to us through Jesus and His Word.  When you read the Word and think on the Word and study the Word you are loving God with your mind.  I invite you to join me and my church on an 85 day reading plan in the New Testament.  This is a great way to get started.  Here is the link.  Whatever you choose to do, get started loving God with your mind!!

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