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I would like to share with you an honest and helpful conversation I had with two of COTES life development ministers Brandon and Kara Stephens. In this podcast they discuss some of the big issues when it comes to parenting.  Learn what Biblical discipline looks like.  See and hear some of the common struggles that some of our COTES leaders face in the home.  Be inspired to lead your children to love and follow Jesus.

For the link to the podcast on iTunes, click here.

You can stream the podcast in this post here Parenting Interview




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You Were Created For Family

Created For Family

I am currently leading our church, COTES, through a 4 week teaching journey called The Family Series. I’ve been excited about this because I’m extremely passionate about families. We live in a time where it seems that most of our culture and lifestyle is aimed at tearing families apart rather than building them up. I firmly believe from a faith perspective that there is nothing our enemy, Satan, would rather do than destroy our families. Why? Well, because families are a really big deal to God.

The concept of family comes from God Himself. You can easily see that the thread of the family runs throughout the entire scope of scripture from beginning to end. In Genesis, we see God declaring that it was not good for Adam to be alone. He then creates Eve, and subsequently commands them to be “fruitful and multiply”. God started the family! Of course, this is born out of the very nature of God. Our great God has always existed in a family/community environment. It’s called the Trinity! God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit have always lived in the most perfect and loving community that has ever been. We, being created in His image, are not designed to live life alone. We are made to live in families.

Human’s were created for a family. We grow, produce, and develop best in a family. The environment we’re in makes all the difference. A jet ski works best in the environment it was created for, which is water. Try to operate on a gravel road, and you won’t get far. You and I were created to operate best in the environment of family. This is why we all deeply long for safe, solid, loving community to live within.

Not only are our personal families important, but our extended spiritual family is important as well. This is the Church. Churches are organizations and businesses. There’s no getting around the fact that those two aspects are a part of every church. But they are NOT the primary function and purpose of the church. Churches are first and foremost families. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. That means we argue sometimes, get on each other’s nerves, and disagree. But it also means that we love one another fiercely, protect one another intentionally, and correct one another carefully. And, we serve one another while we serve the Kingdom and fulfill the vision for the church together. It is the family of God. Beautiful, powerful, and imperfect. Just like a good family should be. So, love and develop your personal family. Place your faith in the center of it. Also, love and commit to your church family. You were created for it!!

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