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Time – James 4:14


Time sure does fly by!!  How many times have you said that lately?  It really does go fast doesn’t it?  I was spending the day with my granddad recently and he laughingly told me there’s no way he can be 75 years old.  He said that I would blink a few times and be there myself.

I tend to agree with him, because I can hardly believe I’m 35.  It truly feels like yesterday that I was a college student singing and preaching with a group and leading students at a church.  It doesn’t feel possible that Nan & I have been married for almost 13 years.  Then there’s the kids.  It is almost sad to me how quickly it seems their childhoods are blowing by us.  Kids have made me more aware of the passing of time than anything because for the most part, I don’t look drastically different today than I did 10 years ago, but my kids seem to change daily.  It’s all a big reminder that our time is limited.

In the book of James he tells us that our lives are like a “mist”, here today and gone tomorrow.  Many use this verse to say our lives are not only short but also insignificant.  A mist can’t mean much, right?  Well, I think the point in James is the exact opposite of this erroneous premise.  James is saying that our lives are short, but they are very significant!!

God wants you to be AWARE of the limited nature of your life and time, so that you will make the most of it.  Your life counts!  Your life matters!  Everyday we choose to let our lives count and make a difference around us or not.  The problem is many of us live our lives very carelessly.  We live like we have all the time in the world, like our time is limitless.  That’s why awareness is the key.  The Bible is full of references to our short amount of time and God’s ability to redeem our time and use our short lives for His glory.

So, today I hope that you and I will live differently.  Live fully aware.  Live wide awake to the reality that you don’t have long.  Live wide awake to the possibilities and amazing potential that God intended for you when He created you.  Live fully aware that your spouse and kids need you now and their lives are ticking by quickly too.  Our lives are intended to be beautiful, rich, and powerful stories of God’s redemptive power and love.  But they are not intended to be novels.  They are short stories.  Make the most of yours, fully aware, wide awake.

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