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Honest Questions and Uncomfortable Answers

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Questions are powerful.  The right question can lead to the right answers.  As busy people living busy lives, we have a tendency to become insanely over busy.  It is into this insanity that I would like to offer a couple of powerful questions that hopefully will help us all get to the heart of our issues with busyness.  Now, as a warning, these are questions that will be hard for you to answer honestly, but I urge you to do so.

You see, unhealthy busyness isn’t just an exterior behavior to be managed or modified, but it is a symptom of deeper issues of the heart.  That’s the point of the questions……to bore down through the layers of your image, walls, and veneer.  It would seem that the fix to crazy busyness would be to pull yourself up by your bootstraps and change.  This, unfortunately, is just a band aid for what is often a gaping wound.   Human issues are rarely just skin deep.  We are deeply complex creatures with deeply complex problems and tendencies.  So, crank up the drill and start drilling.  Here are the questions.

First, who are you serving with your serving?  Are you truly serving people or God for His glory and their good?  Or, are you really ultimately looking for your own glory.  Before you blow this off, allow it to really sink in.  As broken people, we tend to dress up our hidden narcissism with selflessness.  We are masters at making caring about what people think about us look like we are really caring for them.

Secondly, are you doing good or trying to look good?  Yeah, I know, it’s painful….very painful.  I know how you feel.  You see, I’m pretty good at doing things that look outwardly like they are for God’s glory and people’s good, but they are ultimately for my glory and for my good.  I’m broken just like you.  I’m not who I used to be….but I’m also not who I’m going to be!!  I, like you, am a work in progress.

Here’s the deal.  If you will allow these penetrating questions to shine light into the jagged crevices of your heart, the healing process can begin.  If you live in denial, it will just get worse.  If you are super busy because you’re trying to prove yourself and have a good looking outward image, you will walk this demanding trail to a potentially destructive end.  It will wear you out and leave you insecure and empty.  You will use people for your own good under the disguise of doing what’s best for them.  It’s an issue of WHY instead of WHAT.  It’s not just the things you’re doing, but it is the reason you are doing them in the first place.  So, why are you so busy?  What are you trying to prove?

The only answer to this issue is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  He called us to “come to Him and find rest.”  We must rest in the finished work of Jesus.  The only way we can serve God for His glory and people for their good is to be complete and secure in Jesus.  It is in and through Him that I find that I have nothing left to prove.  My identity is nailed down in Jesus.  It is a daily process of doing what we do underneath the shadow of the cross.  It is in that shadow that the purest light can actually begin to shine out from our lives.

Hopefully these questions will lead you to where they’ve led me…….to a statement.  I do what I do because of my identity in Jesus, not to find it.  This has set me free.  I hope it will for you.


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No Condemnation

No Condemnation

“There is therefore now no condemnation.” Romans 8:1

If you’re like me, you probably deal with feelings of guilt and condemnation in your life from time to time.  For some, these feelings can become crippling and eventually detrimental to their walk with Jesus.  I think one of the greatest weapons we have in our arsenal against this is the knowledge of all that Christ did for us through His life, death, and resurrection.  I would like to remind us all of some of these wonderful truths today.

First, if you belong to Christ you have been totally cleared from guilt. You have been justified in Christ.  You have been set free from the prison of guilt into which we are all born.  You are free, and free indeed!  This freedom in Jesus is staggering in it’s implications.  We have freedom to boldly approach the throne of God.  As we approach the throne, we don’t have to fear the wrath of God because there is no wrath for the innocent…..and in Christ you are innocent.

Before Jesus you were cut off from God and had no relationship with your creator, but now you are His child. You are invited to call Him Abbah (daddy).  The reality of Hell was once a terrifying thought, but the fear of it should be gone for those in Christ because there is no punishment for the guiltless…..and in Christ you are guiltless.

Have you ever thought of what it would be like had you never sinned at all in your life?  Well, in Christ, we actually experience this reality because in Him our sins have been covered.  Because Jesus kept and fulfilled the Law, if you are in Him, His keeping of that Law counts for you.  The love and blessings of perfect obedience are yours because Jesus was perfectly obedient in our place.

The Gospel is staggering, beautiful, transforming, and freeing in a way that should impact our lives every day.  So today my friends, live and love as free men and women if you belong to Christ. In Him there is NO condemnation!! Let this truth encourage and strengthen you today.

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