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Ephesians Summer Teaching Series

Summertime is finally here. By God’s grace, I live in a great area to have a great summer. Beaches, rivers, creeks and bays are literally all around me. If you’re like me, you will alternate between fishing, boating, and hanging out on the beach with your kids. While I’m all for enjoying the natural wonders of summer on the coast, I want to invite you to join me on a different type of summer journey. I’m talking about a journey to a church in an ancient Roman city known as Ephesus.

At 3Circle Church, we will be spending the next few hot and humid months walking through the New Testament book of Ephesians. This power packed 6 chapter letter was written to the church of Ephesus by the Apostle Paul. The book covers a lot of ground in a few chapters, and I believe those willing to drill down into this Epistle will find treasure that will change their lives. The great British preacher Charles Spurgeon, considered this to be his favorite book of the Bible. I personally have gone back to Ephesians over and over as a Christian, and a minister, for both encouragement and instruction.

CS Lewis said modern people often fall into an erroneous trap of “chronological snobbery,” meaning we incorrectly think that people from past ages were all extremely primitive and have nothing in common with us in our modernity. This is not true, however, because people have always been people created in God’s image. The book of Ephesians in particular makes this point as the city of Ephesus was a booming metropolis of over 250,000 people with all of the latest advancements and culture of the day.

The church to which this letter was written faced the same identity crisis that many of us face. They needed to be reminded of the grace of God and the stunning implications of the Gospel for themselves and their lost city. They longed for healthy marriages like we do and this letter gave them helpful instructions. Finally, like us, the Ephesus Church faced daily attacks in the spiritual realm that often left them discouraged, confused, and fearful. Paul spends a chapter of this letter equipping this church for the battle.

It is because of these reasons, and many more, that I’m so excited to lead our church through this book for Summer 2015. If you don’t have a church home and you are in the Gulf Coast region, please join us for this series. If you live in a different area you can take this journey with us online.

In preparation for this first Sunday, please read Ephesians chapter one. As a preview, I’d like you to take special notice of how Paul greeted the church of Ephesus in the first two verses of the letter. This is going to be a life changing summer at 3Circle as we unleash the power of Ephesians.

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