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Easter feels like the best ending to the greatest story in history, but it wasn’t the end.  It was actually the beginning of a new chapter. 

From the cold empty tomb came forth a Risen Savior and also a new life, hope, and energy for an infant church. This baby would quickly crawl, then walk, and then like dynamite it exploded across the Roman Empire and beyond. Today, over 2000 years later, the church of Jesus is vibrant and alive. Across the globe the bride of Christ is preaching and living the Gospel and being the hands and feet of Jesus. The persecution that met the infant church of the New Testament has never relented but instead simply taken different forms. 

Martyrs from years gone by are joined my present day ambassadors of hope who give their lives often horrifically for the cause of Jesus.  The spear tip of global terrorism seems to be pointed right at the church as many Christians continue to suffer, yet this band of transformed people keeps marching on.  That’s right, I said marching, because it is an army.  No, not an army like you’re thinking.  The weapons of are warfare are completely different.  It wasn’t the swords and arrows of the early church that brought mighty Rome to it’s knees.  It is not shields and spears that we carry today.  No, we have better weaponry….we have love.  Love for King that leads us to love others in such a radical way that we lay down our own lives.  The result of most armies is take over’s and even death.  The result of the army of God is life and peace and ultimate human flourishing.  No friends, the resurrection wasn’t the end, it was the beginning of the most powerful movement ever known to man.  The Church. 

I invite you to march with us as you walk forward knowing full well there is an empty tomb behind you.

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