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Noah – There Is More To The Story

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At 3Circle Church we recently kicked off a 5-week teaching series on the Biblical account of the life of Noah. Found in the book of Genesis, his story spans only a few chapters.  Upon first glance you’d wonder how we could spend over a month on what seems like such a brief life story.

Of course most of us know there’s the whole flood and ark thing, but isn’t that it?  Actually, this guy’s life is loaded with relevancy for us.  Unfortunately, Noah seems to take his place alongside Jonah, creation, and the splitting of the Red Sea as cute Bible stories that are great for kids.  The problem with this approach is that we are missing out on the theological and practical treasures that these Biblical narratives hold.

Over the next few weeks we will explore Noah’s life and its context on this blog.  We will set aside our caricatures and assumptions and take a deeper look into the scriptures.  We will see the account of Noah the way God intended us to see it…..a gripping epic that reveals God to us while placing a mirror in front of our own hearts.

In Genesis chapter 6, the Bible describes the Earth as a place literally consumed by wickedness.  It is in this chapter that we are shown vividly the path of sin.  God condemns humanity twice before the flood, and His condemnations are in a specific order.  First, humans are condemned not for what they are DOING but for what they are THINKING.  This is a huge takeaway.  What we think matters more than we could imagine.

Unfortunately, we normally take much better care of our outer lives than our inner lives. We workout, tan, and spend loads on fashion while our hearts slowly fall apart.  The people of Noah’s day were consumed by wickedness to the point that their motives and thoughts we’re completely evil.

This is the path of sin.  Sin always begins in the heart and mind, and then moves outward.  You can trace sin back to thoughts and motives every time.  We mistakenly believe that we are safe as long as we keep our issues internal, swept under the rug of our hearts.  This is a completely faulty approach.  Proverbs 4:23 teaches us to “above ALL else GUARD our HEARTS.”  The truth is our inner life is our most important life. Everything that comes out of us comes from within, and everything that is in us is coming out!

The bottom line is that God cares about what’s going on in our minds and hearts.  He knows our every thought, motive, and intention.  The people of Noah’s day we’re alive physically but they we’re rotting corpses internally. The lesson for us modern day believers is that we need to pay attention to our inner life because it will decide every other area of our lives.

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