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Control Your Anger or It Will Control You


Anger is a two sided coin. On one side, there is righteous or holy anger. The other side of the coin is sinful and destructive anger. As Christ Followers, it is imperative that we understand the anger issue. Anger isn’t always sinful, but it always has the potential to be sinful.

“In your anger do not sin” Ephesians 4:26 is a verse that makes it pretty clear that we can be angry without sin. In fact, we should absolutely be angry about the things that anger God. Yep, that’s right…..God gets angry too. However, He isn’t like us…..His anger is always sinless and perfect. Our anger becomes righteous anger only when it lines up with God. Injustice, sin, dishonesty and devaluing life all anger our God, so we should absolutely get angry about these things. The point is that in that anger we are forbidden to sin. We have a choice. Out of control anger always ends up controlling us.

We see a stunning example of unrighteous and destructive anger in the Biblical book of Genesis. Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Able. These brothers both offered sacrifices to God, but only Able’s was accepted by Him. This angered Cain immensely, and God lovingly warned him that his anger would destroy him if he didn’t get on top of it. Genesis 4:6-7 gives us this warning. God’s command to Cain was to rule over his sinful anger! You and I MUST get control of our anger. We must do something about it. Cain refused, and it led him to murder his own brother.

Unresolved anger sets up in our heart like a stagnant body of water. It begins to breed the bacteria and insects of bitterness, wrath and malice. It becomes destructive to the angry person and those around him. Don’t let this happen to you. Avoid the trap that Cain stepped into. Your relationships with others and with God will be better off when you deal with the roots of your anger and get the water of your heart moving again. This is a work that only God can ultimately do in our hearts. We must, by the power of the Holy Spirit, begin to get on top of our anger, before it gets on top of us.

God asked Cain a penetrating question; “Why are you angry?” It’s a question all of us must answer in order to begin the healing and transforming process in our hearts. Why are we angry? What the REAL reason? I challenge you today to look in your heart and truly answer that question. Once you’ve identified the infested pond of water, bust open the dam and get it moving. Deal with it. Resolve it. Get God involved by asking Him to help you. It’s this process that Cain refused but we must embrace.


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